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Citrix technology landscape 2020 vision

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C I T R I X 2 0 2 0 T E C H N O L O G Y L A N D S C A P E | A P R I L 2 0 1 5 84 Vendors: How to get kicked out of the party - Security and privacy are not an option. Vendors must respect that the data generated by HoT includes highly regulated PHI, containing information on vitals, habits, and genomics. Breaches will be highly publicized, and vendor reputation will result in the loss of lucrative contracts—not to mention individuals trashing them on social media. Healthcare data is serious. Looking Forward to Our Visits – Medical professionals and other caregivers will now have data to monitor us and may even have the benefit of a data aggregation and reporting service to turn terabytes of data into actionable health intelligence. Instead of relying on the patient truthfully and completely giving their health and fitness picture, Healthcare of Things will bring needed accuracy and transparency. The data doesn't lie! How To Get Started With the Healthcare of Things - Consider what participative healthcare means to you and your health situation. - Personal health begins with fitness, so get up from your desk, get out and move, and get more sleep. - Into devices? Purchase a fitness tracker with heart rate and sleep monitoring. Also available are connected scales, toothbrushes, and even blood oxygen (SPO2). - Learn how to integrate. Talk to your doctor, participate in health programs through your employer, and see how your insurance company is thinking about IoT for healthcare. - Immerse yourself in data. Chart your progress. Perform self-wellness checks and chart how they change over time. Strive for meaningful and actionable intelligence in healthcare. The Healthcare of Things is about changing lives. Optimizing costs and outcomes. Improving medical communication and understanding. It's also a great way to be informed about one of the most important aspects of your life—your health—so get out today and start using Healthcare of Things to get you instrumented for life. HEALTHCARE OF THINGS WILL BRING NEEDED ACCURACY AND TRANSPARENCY.

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