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Server Application Whitelisting A Sophos Whitepaper 2 Application Whitelisting with Sophos goes beyond applications to whitelist DLLs and scripts. The Sophos ServerAuthority automatically locks down association between applications and their associated files, such as DLLs and script files, to protect the system from memory-based attacks. It does all this without requiring any custom rules and preventing the possibility of configuration mistakes. The solution is designed to maximize server application performance. It provides customizable alerts and reports that are accessible from anywhere through the integrated Sophos Cloud Console. The management interface offers a "single pane of glass view" on all servers, applications, and protection status for the server administrator. Here Is How Sophos Application Whitelisting Works WHITELISTING SERVER MANAGEMENT APPLYING TRUST Executable Executable Executable Server Server Server File Does it need to be whitelisted Check if it is malicious Add to whitelist Identify trust rules Apply trust rules Retrieve rules from ServerAuthority Create a profile/fingerprint executable Status One-Click Server Lockdown Sophos Application Whitelisting allows server lockdown in a single click. No longer will you have to worry about setting up physical servers or policy configurations, creating application inventory, and writing rules for change management. What could have taken you days or even months of hard work is now done in a single click. That single click initiates a complete system scan for malware, cataloging applications and establishing trusted relationships between applications, updaters, and system files.

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