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EMC Automation and Insight for Multi-Vendor Storage

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SOLUTION OVERVIEW tt EMC VIPR CONTROLLER AND EMC VIPR SRM Automation and Insight for Multi-Vendor Storage Today's storage infrastructures consist of multiple sites using heterogeneous storage platforms from different vendors to deliver a wide variety of storage services. Each storage platform is chosen based on its ability to handle specific workloads, each with its' own unique set of APIs, management and monitoring tools. With this diversity, comes the challenge of managing these storage silos efficiently. As the amount of data grows, it takes an increasingly large number of specialized IT administrators executing repetitive, manual tasks to deliver static, slow-to-respond storage services. This dynamic is driving end-user investment in shadow IT. Delivering storage services as usual is not a sustainable option for today's always on, dynamic businesses. EMC offers software-defined storage solutions that help organizations drastically reduce management overhead through automation across traditional storage silos and paves the way for rapid deployment of fully integrated next generation scale-out storage architectures. Together EMC® ViPR® Controller and EMC ViPR SRM deliver storage automation and management insight necessary to optimize utilization of storage resources, while meeting service levels. Self-service access for customers reduces dependencies on IT, providing an easy to use cloud experience and cost transparency. EMC VIPR CONTROLLER: SIMPLE. EXTENSIBLE. OPEN. ViPR Controller is storage automation software that centralizes and transforms storage into a simple and extensible platform. It abstracts and pools resources to deliver automated, policy-driven storage services on-demand via a self-service catalog. With vendor neutral centralized storage management, your team can reduce costs, providing choice and delivering a path to the cloud. SIMPLE CENTRALIZED AUTOMATED MANAGEMENT ViPR Controller abstracts and pools multi-vendor storage arrays into virtual storage pools that can then be managed by policy and delivered as an on-demand, self- service catalog. Out of the box, it delivers repeatable, built-in best practices and intelligent processes to automate storage provisioning and reclamation tasks. ViPR Controller makes it as easy to consume enterprise storage as it is to consume public cloud storage services. Independent lab testing shows that ViPR Controller reduces storage provisioning tasks on average by 63%* or from weeks/days to mere minutes, freeing administrators from mundane, manual tasks. ESSENTIALS ViPR Controller • Automate storage provisioning and reclamation tasks for EMC and 3 rd party storage • Deliver storage services via self-service catalog • REST-based APIs • Open source development ViPR SRM • View relationships and performance trends across the data path • Track and analyze storage consumption • Optimize storage resources and automate charge-back reports Better Together • Automation and insight for managing complex storage environments • Delivers end-to-end views of physical and virtual resources in a single pane of glass • Automates and simplifies manual tasks • Repeatable, built-in best practices and intelligent processes • Integrated for seamless navigation

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