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Dell over de beste deduplicatie-oplossing

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Choosing the Right Deduplication Solution for Your Organization Application-based deduplication versus appliance-based deduplication Introduction Due to the significant data growth and extended retention requirements organizations face today, almost every backup and recovery solution on the market now includes deduplication and compression capabilities. Together, deduplication and compression enable impressive savings, including reduced storage and network requirements, lower power and cooling loads, better recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs), and shorter backup windows. Also, precious data center storage real estate becomes ~15 times more scalable, and organizations can effectively protect data generated at remote and branch offices by replicating deduplicated data to central locations using existing — and often limited — bandwidth. There are two popular approaches to implementing compression and deduplication capabilities in backup environments: • Using deduplication and compression functionality that is integrated into backup software applications • Using the deduplication and compression features of purpose- built back-up-to-disk appliances (PBBAs) In most cases, there is no benefit to implementing more than one deduplication approach. But which of the two approaches is better for your organization? One might think that the first option would offer more benefits, since tight integration often offers efficiencies through use of shared technologies. In practice, however, choosing the right option is more complicated, because deduplication technology can have profound effects on multiple areas of the backup environment. This white paper explores the key areas of impact to help you make an informed decision about the best deduplication solution for your organization.

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