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2 The two approaches to deduplication Let's begin with a quick overview of the two approaches to implementing deduplication: • Appliance-based deduplication technologies are fast, scalable and extremely efficient. As backup data sets grow over time, the appliance's superior deduplication algorithms scale to extremely large data stores with millions of files. • Software-based deduplication technology is less efficient and more limited. For example, many of these offerings implement a fixed block approach for deduplication, whereas appliances implement variable block size deduplication technology. Additionally, many software solutions are limited to smaller deduplication stores. When multiple deduplication stores are required, deduplication becomes less effective and savings diminish because deduplication does not span across deduplication stores. A complete picture of each option, though, extends far beyond these direct benefits and drawbacks. The rest of this paper explores how these deduplication technologies affect the broader backup environment, including resource contention, costs, flexibility, maintenance and risk. The media server Software-based deduplication A common frustration with backup and recovery solutions is logjams at the media server. As backup demands grow over time, the media server can become overtaxed by lack of resources, encounter networking issues when sending data to or receiving data from the protected client, or a combination of both. In particular, running multiple backup and restore tasks together in parallel can cause media server logjams to quickly appear. In fact, when a backup software- based deduplication approach is chosen, media server workloads are increased tenfold. This is because the media servers are additionally taxed with ingest deduplication (hashing), management of the deduplication dictionary database, rehydration of data to tape and replication workloads. In addition, client-based deduplication workloads may also be introduced on the media server. A common frustration with backup and recovery solutions is logjams at the media server. Figure 1. Software-based deduplication increases the media server workload significantly. With software-based deduplication, the media server workload includes all of the following: • Processing client backup data • Ingest deduplication (hashing) • Managing the deduplication dictionary • Creating tape copies from disk • Rehydration processing • Replication

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