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Citrix VDI vereenvoudigt de migratie naar Windows 10

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White Paper VDI—Simplify your migration to Windows® 10 and beyond 2 Streamline OS migrations now and in the future with a virtualized infrastructure that simplifies BYOD, app compatibility and corporate desktop management. With Windows® 10, IT is facing a milestone—the first operating system migration that's in employees' hands, not its own. An easy-to-install upgrade offered free for the first year, the latest Microsoft desktop platform is highly consumer-friendly to adopt—and that's exactly what consumers are doing. In the first month of its release, Windows 10 set the record for a one-month increase in user share for any operating system. To stay relevant and current, IT needs to get moving on Windows 10 migration as well. At the same time, you need to make sure you do it right. For organizations that seized the adoption of Windows 7 as an opportunity to move to VDI, the new upgrade couldn't be simpler. For those that didn't, now is the time to take a serious look at desktop virtualization. Citrix XenDesktop provides a simple, proven way for IT to answer the three critical questions around migration to Windows 10: • How do I deliver apps to the Windows devices my employees use, including the ones they own themselves? • How do I migrate my business apps to the new OS? • How do I standardize and remain current on a Windows 10 corporate desktop image? By using XenDesktop to make the move to desktop virtualization, IT can embrace BYOD Windows 10 devices quickly and easily, deliver instant access to business apps from any Windows 10 device, migrate your business apps to the new Windows 10 platform and use a single Windows 10 desktop image to standardize on the latest Microsoft operating system organization-wide. Getting Windows 10 migration done right For many organizations, moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 was a rushed and painful process. Manual, decentralized methods made for long days that diverted IT staff from higher-value work. Applications posed issues of their own, requiring extensive testing and remediation to ensure compatibility with the new OS. The increasingly diverse endpoints in use throughout the enterprise, including BYO devices, posed an additional layer of complexity. You don't want to end up in the same position this time—or the next time. With VDI, you can get out in front of OS migration challenges once and for all. Desktop virtualization provides a centralized way to accomplish OS migrations simply, quickly and efficiently so that any device can run any Windows app. Employees gain greater flexibility and mobility. For IT, both ongoing management and future upgrades become much easier, allowing you to shift focus to more strategic initiatives.

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