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100 C H A P T E R 6 | More analytics in earlier versions of SQL Server), no data (which is the new default), or a subset of data based on a query you supply. To use the later two options, double-click the Model.bim file in Solution Explorer (if it is not already open in SQL Server Data Tools), and then click the file again to display its properties in the Properties window. If necessary, select SQL Server 2016 RTM (1200) in the Compatibility Level drop-down list. Then select On in the DirectQuery Mode drop-down list. Important If you upgrade the model from in-memory to DirectQuery mode, you cannot revert to a lower compatibility level. To connect your model to the data source, you still use the Table Import Wizard, which you launch by selecting Import From Data Source from the Model menu. You select a relational database and then the tables for your model, but the data is no longer imported for DirectQuery-mode models. Instead, you work with an empty model that contains only metadata, such as column names and relationships, as shown in Figure 6-1. You can continue by configuring properties for columns, defining relationships, or working with the model in diagram view, just as you normally would if you import data instead. In DirectQuery mode, the data stays in the source until you generate a query in Excel or another presentation-layer application. Figure 6-1: Working with a model in DirectQuery mode. When you work without data in the model designer, the modeling process is likely to be faster because you no longer have to wait for calculations to be performed against the entire data set as you add or change measures. However, you might prefer to view sample data to help you better review the model during its design. To do this, select a table, and then select Partitions on the Table menu. Select the existing partition, which has the prefix DirectQuery, click the Copy button, and then select

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