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125 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting C H A P T E R 7 Better reporting For report developers, Reporting Services in SQL Server 2016 has a more modern development environment, two new data visualizations, and improved parameter layout options. In addition, it includes a new development environment to support mobile reports. Users also benefit from a new web portal that supports modern web browsers and mobile access to reports. In this chapter, we'll explore these new features in detail. Report content types This release of Reporting Services includes both enhanced and new report content types: Paginated reports Paginated reports are the traditional content type for which Reporting Services is especially well suited. You use this content type when you need precise control over the layout, appearance, and behavior of each element in your report. Users can view a paginated report online, export it to another format, or receive it on a scheduled basis by subscribing to the report. A paginated report can consist of a single page or hundreds of pages, based on the data set associated with the report. The need for this type of report continues to persist in most organizations, as well as the other report content types that are now available in the Microsoft reporting platform. Mobile reports In early 2015, Microsoft acquired Datazen Software to make it easier to deploy reports to mobile devices, regardless of operating system and form factor. This content type is best when you need touch-responsive and easy-to-read reports that are displayed on smaller screens, communicate key metrics effectively at a glance, and support drill-through to view supporting details. In SQL Server 2016, users can view both paginated and mobile reports through the web portal interface of the on-premises report server. Key performance indicators (KPIs) A KPI is a simple type of report content that you can add to the report server to display metrics and trends at a glance. This content type uses colors to indicate progress toward a goal and an optional visualization to show how values trend over time. Paginated report development enhancements In this release of Reporting Services, the authoring tools for paginated reports work much like they did in previous releases, but with some enhancements. The first noticeable change is the overall

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