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127 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Figure 7-2: New Report Builder interface. Exploring new data visualizations All data visualizations included in prior versions of Reporting Services continue to be available, but the SQL Server 2016 version includes two new types of data visualizations: Tree map A tree map represents hierarchical categories as rectangles with relative sizes. Sunburst A sunburst chart is a hierarchical representation of data that uses circles for each level. Note Although the data visualizations from prior versions are still available, they now use a default palette named Pacific. This palette more closely resembles the default colors for data visualizations available in Microsoft Power BI. Tree map A tree map is useful to show how parts contribute to a whole. Each rectangle represents the sum of a value and is sized according to the percentage of its value relative to the total of values for all rectangles in the tree map. The rectangles are positioned within the tree map with the largest category in the upper-left corner of the parent rectangle and the smallest category in the lower-right corner. Each rectangle can contain another collection of rectangles that break down its values by another category that represents a lower level in a hierarchy. As an example, in the tree map shown in Figure 7-3, the first level shows the United States as the largest category, followed by Canada, with the second largest category, and then progressively smaller rectangles are displayed for France, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. For each of these country categories, business type is the next lower level in the hierarchy, and rectangles for each distinct business type are displayed using the same pattern of largest to smallest from top left to bottom right within a country's rectangle. In this example, the largest business type in the United States is Value Added Reseller, followed by Warehouse, and then Specialty Bike Shop.

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