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130 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Figure 7-6: Tooltip displayed above a selected rectangle in a tree map. You can add more than one field to the Category Groups or Series Groups areas of the Chart Data pane. However, the meaning of the chart is easier to discern if you add the second field only to the Series Groups area so that different colors help viewers distinguish values, as shown in Figure 7-7. If you add a second field to the Category Groups area, more rectangles are displayed in the tree map, but it's more difficult to interpret the hierarchical arrangement without extensive customization of the tree map's elements. Figure 7-7: Tree map displaying two series groups. Sunburst A sunburst chart is a type of visualization that is a hybrid of a pie chart, using slices of a circle to represent the proportional value of a category to the total. However, a sunburst chart includes multiple circles to represent levels of hierarchical data. Color is the highest level of a hierarchy if a series group is added to the chart, but it is not required. If no series group is defined, the innermost circle becomes the highest level of the hierarchy. Each lower level moves farther from the center of the circle, with the outermost circle as the lowest level of detail. Within each type of grouping, color or circle, the slices are arranged in clockwise order, with the largest value appearing first and the smallest value appearing last in the slice. As an example, in Figure 7-8, color is used to identify sales amount by year across all circles, with the largest color slice starting at the twelve o'clock position in the circle. At a glance, a viewer can easily see the relative contribution of each year to total sales and which year had the greatest number of sales. Next, the inner circle slices each color by country, again sorting the countries from largest to smallest in clockwise order. The outer circle further subdivides the countries by business type. In this example, some of the slices are too small for the labels to be displayed.

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