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131 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Figure 7-8: Example of a sunburst chart. To produce a sunburst, you insert a chart into the report and select Sunburst from the Shape collection of chart types. Click the chart to open the Chart Data pane and use the button with the plus symbol to add fields to the Values, Category Groups, or Series Groups areas, as shown in Figure 7-9. The value field determines the size of a slice for category groups and series groups. Each series group field is associated with a different color and becomes the first division of the total value into proportional slices, although the inclusion of a series group is optional. Category groups then further subdivide values into slices, with the first category group in the list as the inner circle, and each subsequent category group added to the chart as another outer circle moving from the center. Figure 7-9: Chart Data pane configured for a sunburst chart. As for a tree map, a sunburst chart's default properties are likely to produce a chart that is difficult to read. Therefore, you should consider modifying the following chart properties:

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