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136 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Figure 7-16: The mobile report designer's data view. Note A column must be filterable to use it with mobile report elements that support filtering. Furthermore, a column must be identified as a datetime data type to use it in the time navigator or in any mobile report element that supports explicit time aggregation. There is no option to configure these properties explicitly in Mobile Report Publisher. The import process applies these properties automatically based on each column's data type. If these properties are not correct in the data set, you must correct the data types of the affected columns in the source data set or Excel file. Working with simulated data You can use the Export All Data button to export simulated data to an Excel file as a template for the structure of the data that you need to support your mobile report. You can then replace the data in the template and import the new Excel file with actual data, which you then connect to mobile report elements as described later in this chapter. After you connect all elements to actual data sources, the simulated data set is removed from the mobile report. The simulated data is never stored with the mobile report even if it is still in use by a mobile report element. Instead, it is generated at run time when you view the mobile report in layout or preview mode or open the data set. To import data, click the Add Data button and choose one of the following options: Local Excel When you select a local Excel file (which can also be a CSV file), you must specify a worksheet in the file. In this case, Mobile Report Publisher imports the data from the file and stores it with your mobile report. You can click the Refresh All Data button in the designer data view to update data from the Excel file if the file's contents change later.

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