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139 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Figure 7-20: Displaying the list of available values in a selection list navigator. Scorecard grid You use a scorecard grid navigator as a selection list that can include a gauge column to visualize progress toward goals in addition to the value columns from your data set, as shown in Figure 7-21. The gauge can be an indicator as shown in the figure, an arrow with conditional formatting based on defined delta value ranges, or a delta value with conditional formatting of either the background or foreground. Figure 7-21: Displaying a scorecard grid containing a delta indicator and value columns. Filtering mobile report elements After you add other types of elements to a mobile report, you can specify which navigator elements filter these other elements. To connect a navigator to a mobile report element, click the element in the Control Instances panel in the designer's data view, and then click the Options button in the Data Properties panel. In the dialog box that appears, select one or more navigators to use as filters for the selected element. Gauges There are two groups of gauges available as mobile report elements. One group consists primarily of numerical values, while the other group incorporates a graphical representation of a value in addition to the numerical value represented in the graph. All gauges allow you to specify a title, a subtitle, and a number format. Most gauges allow you to choose how to represent the gauge indicator. You can display the delta value (that is, the difference between the actual value and the target), the delta value as a percentage of the target, the actual value as a percentage of the target value, or the delta value and its percentage of the target value. You also associate value ranges to conditionally format the gauge with red, amber, or green. These colors might be used as the background color for the entire gauge, the

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