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142 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Category chart A category chart is similar to the time chart except that you designate a data set column to use instead of date/time along the horizontal axis. You also have the option to switch from vertical bars to horizontal bars and sort the data points in ascending or descending order, as shown here: Totals chart A totals chart displays data labels and, optionally, the percentage of total values for each bar. By default, it shows as separate data points the sum of each numerical column that you specify to include in the chart. That is, for each numerical column in the data set, the chart displays a single horizontal bar. However, you can change the data structure property from the default ByRows to ByColumns to create category groups based on the column with the fewest distinct values in the data set, as shown here: Comparison time chart This chart type is similar to the time chart but includes a second data series, which can be another numerical column in the same data set or a separate data set that also includes a date-time column. The dashboard designer automatically aggregates both data series to the same level, which you can adjust from the default to a more granular level of detail, such as quarter or month. You can optionally configure the comparison series to use the same

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