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144 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Pie chart The pie chart displays categories as a percentage of the whole. If the categories are in separate columns in the data view, you select the ByColumns data structure in the layout view and select each category column in the data view. If your data uses row values for grouping, change the data structure to ByRows and select the column containing the category values in the data view. You can choose to visualize the data as a pie chart, a donut chart, or a donut with a total, as shown here: Funnel chart The funnel chart properties are similar to the pie chart properties, and the goal of the visualization to represent how parts relate to the whole is similar. The funnel chart uses color to segment a funnel shape and displays abbreviated values to the left of the funnel. Tree map A tree map chart in the mobile reports dashboard is similar to the tree map now available in paginated reports, which we describe earlier in this chapter. In the dashboard, you can control how color is applied. You can use a traditional heat map, a color groups heat map (by using one numerical value for rectangle size and another numerical value for comparison), or a hierarchical heat map with a maximum of two levels, as shown here:

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