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146 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Figure 7-24: Displaying maps in a mobile report. Data grids When you need a tabular view of data in a mobile report, you can use one of the data grids. They all share common layout properties, such as whether to show or hide row numbers, associate a drill- through target, aggregate by time, or aggregate by another data-set column. In the data view properties for these elements, you select the columns to display in the data grid as well as the aggregation function to us, if applicable. The only formatting options you have are related to indicators, which are the same as the options described earlier in this chapter for gauges. You can, however, arrange the columns in any order. You can choose from three types of data grids, shown in Figure 7-25: Simple data grid This data grid is the simplest of the three, as its name implies. It includes only a set of columns that you select from the data set. You can optionally specify a column to use for aggregation. Indicator data grid This data grid allows you to specify a set of columns, as in the simple data grid, and a gauge column to hold an indicator. When you configure the gauge column, you select a gauge type, define the value and comparison fields in your data set, and then specify the value direction as higher is good or lower is good. Chart data grid This data grid is like the indicator data grid, but with one additional type of column to hold a chart. In the data properties for this dashboard element, you select one data set for the standard and gauge columns and a separate data set for the chart visualization. The two data views must share a common column to enable the alignment of each chart to rows in the data grid. However, the column names do not need to match, When you configure the chart column, you specify the name of the column in each data set to use as the lookup. For the chart column, you can use a line, column, or area visualization.

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