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151 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Figure 7-29: Print dialog box with option to view the PDF of your report. Just as in prior versions, report server administrators can control whether users see the print icon in the report viewer toolbar. However, the Enable Download For the ActiveX Client Print Control check box is no longer available for this purpose when configuring report server properties because this control is no longer supported. Instead, you change one of the advanced properties that controls the presence of the print icon. To do this, open SQL Server Management Studio by using Run As Administrator, connect to the Report Server, right-click the server node, select Properties, select the Advanced tab in the Server Properties dialog box, and change the EnableClientPrinting property from its default setting of True to False. Exporting to PowerPoint One of the many benefits of Reporting Services is the ability to export a report to a variety of different formats, such as Excel or Word. In the SQL Server 2016 release, the list of available options is expanded to include another popular Office application, PowerPoint. When you click the Export button in the report viewer toolbar, you now see PowerPoint listed as an option, as shown in Figure 7- 30.

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