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152 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Figure 7-30: Choosing PowerPoint as an option for exporting a report. Note You can also now use PowerPoint as a rendering format when configuring a subscription. When you select the PowerPoint export option from the list, the PPTX file downloads to your computer. You then have the option to save it or, if you have PowerPoint installed on your computer, to open the file. In general, each page of your report becomes a separate slide in PowerPoint, as shown in Figure 7-31, although some report items might span multiple slides. Just as you must factor in the rendered page size during report development if you know that users plan to export to PDF or Word, you must ensure report items can fit on a single PowerPoint slide where possible. Otherwise, the Reporting Services rendering engine will divide the report item into two or more smaller pieces and allocate each piece to a separate slide, as shown in the third and fourth PowerPoint slides in Figure 7-31, which collectively represents the third page of a report when the page is rendered in HTML. Notice that objects from a report do not consume the entire vertical space within a PowerPoint slide.

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