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154 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Click the item, select a dashboard, and then choose an hourly, daily, or weekly frequency for updating the report, as shown in Figure 7-32. Figure 7-32: Selecting a dashboard for pinning a report. A dialog box confirms the success or failure of the operation. If the pinning operation succeeds, you can click a link in the dialog box to open a web browser window and view your dashboard in Power BI. Your report shows as a tile in the dashboard, as shown in Figure 7-33, and will refresh periodically according to the schedule you set. When you click the report tile in the dashboard, a new browser window opens to display your report in the web portal from the report server from which it originated. Figure 7-33: Displaying a Reporting Services report as a report tile in a Power BI dashboard. Managing subscriptions Subscription functionality does not change in SQL Server 2016 in general. You still configure subscriptions to deliver reports to named recipients or to a designated file share. However, there are a few new subscription-management features that we explore in this section:

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