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155 C H A P T E R 7 | Better reporting Subscription description You can include a subscription description when creating or changing a subscription, which makes it easier to identify a specific subscription when many exist for a single report. Subscription owner change After adding a subscription to the report server, you can easily change its owner. Interface support for changing subscription status Whether you have one or many subscriptions set up on the server, the web portal interface now includes Enable and Disable buttons to quickly change the status of subscriptions. File share credentials File share subscriptions have a new option to use administrator-defined credentials to add files to a file share. Subscription description The subscription definition page now includes a section in which you add a description, as shown in Figure 7-34, that is displayed when you create or edit a subscription. You can use this description to distinguish this subscription from others, which is helpful when you have several subscriptions associated with a single report. For example, use this column to describe recipients, the schedule, the delivery type, and other report delivery options so that you no longer have to edit the subscription to determine its settings. Figure 7-34: A portion of a subscription definition showing the new description. When you add a description to a subscription, the description is displayed in the web portal on the Subscriptions page that you can access for a specific report or on the My Subscriptions page, where you can see all reports for which you have created subscriptions, as shown in Figure 7-35. You can sort subscriptions by the Description column by clicking the column header. Figure 7-35: My Subscriptions page in the web portal with a new column for the subscription description.

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