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Introductie van Micorosoft SQL Server 2016

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163 C H A P T E R 8 | Improved Azure SQL Database Figure 8-2: Configuring Geo-Replication for SQL Database in Azure Management Portal. Azure also automatically performs backups of your SQL Database in any service tier. A full backup is performed once per week, a differential backup once per day, and a transaction log backup every five minutes. Each service tier has a different retention period for these backups—Basic is 7 days, Standard is 14 days, and Premium is 35 days. With any of your backups, you can easily perform a point-in-time data restore as a new database on the same server to prevent overwriting or losing data in the original database. SQL Database security The comprehensive Azure security model is the cornerstone of SQL Database security. Azure is built for resiliency with a trustworthy technology infrastructure and the Assume Breach strategy, combining built-in analytics and a comprehensive methodology to detect and respond to threats. Microsoft has explicit policies in place to control who, when, and how someone outside your organization can access your data. The processes and controls governed by these policies are regularly subjected to accredited third-party auditing.

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