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Introductie van Micorosoft SQL Server 2016

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196 C H A P T E R 9 | Introducing Azure SQL Data Warehouse Figure 9-10: Creating an Analytics Stream job output in Azure Management Portal. After you start the job by clicking the Start button in the Analytics Stream Job blade, the job connects to the streaming data and executes the query. You can then use a query tool to see the results in the target table in your SQL Data Warehouse. Note Additional information about Azure Stream Analytics is available at "What is Stream Analytics?," introduction/. Analyzing data by using Power BI To create reports and rich visualizations using your SQL Data Warehouse, you can use Power BI directly from the Azure Management Portal, or you can connect to it as a data source in Power BI. In an on-premises SQL Server data warehouse, foreign-key relationships are typically added to tables, and Power BI can use these relationships as it builds visualizations. However, SQL Data Warehouse does not support foreign keys. Therefore, consider adding views to your data warehouse to support the types of analysis your users perform. In the blade for your SQL Data Warehouse in the Azure Management Portal, the toolbar includes the Open In Power BI button. When you click this button, a new browser tab opens with a prompt to sign in to Power BI or to sign up if you do not yet have a Power BI account. After you log in, a window displays prompts for the server name hosting your SQL Data Warehouse and the database name with the values automatically populated. In addition, you can turn on the Enable Advanced Options switch to specify a refresh frequency and define custom filters. For a custom filter, you can type in a comma- delimited list of tables to access or write a SELECT statement. When you click Next, you must provide credentials for your data warehouse and then click Sign In. After this authentication step, a SQL Data

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