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Introductie van Micorosoft SQL Server 2016

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198 C H A P T E R 9 | Introducing Azure SQL Data Warehouse option. You can learn more about Power BI at "Get Started with Power BI," Building business-intelligence solutions with SQL Server components Because SQL Data Warehouse is built with much of the same technology available in the SQL Server database engine, the two products share many common features. Although SQL Data Warehouse does not fully implement T-SQL at the time of this writing, it does include commands that are commonly used in data-warehouse workloads so that you can quickly get started writing stored procedures and queries for SQL Data Warehouse. Other tools useful for on-premises business- intelligence solutions based on SQL Server, such as SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server Reporting Services, are fully compatible with SQL Data Warehouse. However, if you are exporting data to work with these tools on-premises, pay careful attention to your data egress, as charges for data leaving the cloud do apply. Instead, consider using Azure IaaS Virtual Machines for these components when building your business-intelligence solutions.

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