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19 C H A P T E R 2 | Better security Figure 2-3: New Column Encryption Key dialog box. To create a new column encryption key by using T-SQL, you use the CREATE COLUMN ENCRYPTION KEY statement as shown in Example 2-2. Example 2-2: CREATE COLUMN ENCRYPTION KEY USE [Samples] GO CREATE COLUMN ENCRYPTION KEY [MyColumnKey] WITH VALUES ( COLUMN MASTER KEY DEFINITION = [MyKey], ALGORITHM = 'RSA_OAEP', ENCRYPTED_VALUE = 0x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he CREATE COLUMN ENCRYPTION KEY statement accepts three parameters. The first parameter is COLUMN MASTER KEY DEFINITION, which corresponds to the column master key definition that you created in a previous step. The second parameter defines the encryption algorithm used to encrypt the value of the encryption key. In SQL Server 2016, the only supported parameter value at this time is RAS_OAEP. The third parameter is the value of the column encryption key after it has been encrypted by the column master key definition.

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