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37 C H A P T E R 3 | Higher availability Figure 3-3: Creating a new availability group with database-level health detection. Note Enabling Database Level Health Detection needs to be weighed carefully with the needs of your application and its intended behavior in response to a failover. If your application can support a database failover, Database Level Health Detection can enhance your total availability and uptime. Automatic page repair An important capability of availability groups is automatic page repair. If the primary replica cannot read a page, it requests a fresh copy of the page from a secondary. However, in the event that the primary replica cannot be repaired, such as when storage fails completely, you might be able to bring your secondary replica online as a primary replica. Supporting distributed transactions One of the features long supported in FCIs, but not in availability groups, is the use of the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC). This feature is required if your application performs transactions that must be consistent across multiple instances. When running SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016, you can now implement support for distributed transactions when you create a new availability group. To do this, you select the Per Database DTC check box (shown earlier in Figure 3-3) or by using the T-SQL command shown in Example 3-1. Note that you cannot add DTC support to an existing

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