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42 C H A P T E R 3 | Higher availability changes, but other features from the operating system, such as dynamic quorum, enhance SQL Server's uptime without requiring configuration. Windows Server 2016 Server Technical Preview includes the following features that enhance SQL Server's uptime: Workgroup clusters Cloud witness Storage Spaces Direct Site-awareness Troubleshooting enhancements to Windows Server Failover Clusters (WSFC) Cluster operating system rolling upgrade Creating workgroup clusters Earlier in this chapter, we explained how basic availability groups replace nearly all the functionality in database mirroring. The one advantage that database mirroring has over availability groups in prior versions of SQL Server is the ability to provide data protection across Active Directory (AD) domains or without an AD domain. Starting with Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview and SQL Server 2016, you can now create a workgroup cluster with nondomain servers as well as servers attached to different AD domains. However, there is no mechanism for using a file share witness. Instead, you must create a cloud witness, as we describe in the next section, or a shared disk. Each server that you want to add to a workgroup cluster requires a primary DNS suffix in the full computer name, as shown in Figure 3-6. Add this suffix by clicking the More button in the Computer Name/Domain Changes dialog box, which you access from System Properties for the server. Figure 3-6: A server with a DNS suffix assigned to a workgroup.

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