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54 C H A P T E R 4 | Improved database engine Figure 4-5: Query Store dashboards available in SSMS. After enabling Query Store for a database, you have access to the following four dashboards: Regressed Queries Use this dashboard to review queries that might have regressed because of execution plan changes. The dashboard allows you to view the queries and their plans as well as to select queries based on statistics (total, average, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation) by query metric (duration, CPU time, memory consumption, logical reads, logical writes, and physical reads) for the top 25 regressed queries over the last hour. Overall Resource Consumption Use this dashboard to visualize overall resource consumption during the last month in four charts: duration, execution count, CPU time, and logical reads. You have the option to toggle between a chart view and a grid view of the query store data. Top Resource Consuming Queries Use this dashboard to review queries in the set of top 25 resource consumers during the last hour. You can filter the queries by using the same criteria available in the Regressed Queries dashboard. Tracked Queries Use this dashboard to monitor a specify query. All the dashboards except Overall Resource Consumption allow you to view the execution plan for a query. In addition, you have the option to force an execution plan at the click of a button in the dashboard, which is one of the most powerful features of the query store. However, the plan must still exist in the query plan cache to use this feature. You can customize Query Store dashboards to show more data or to use a different time interval. To do this, double-click a dashboard to open it, and then click the Configure button at the top of the dashboard to display and edit the configuration dialog box, as shown in Figure 4-6.

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