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Introductie van Micorosoft SQL Server 2016

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viii Introduction Introduction SQL Server 2016 is the latest addition to Microsoft's data platform, with a variety of new features and enhancements that deliver breakthrough performance, advanced security, and richer, integrated reporting and analytics capabilities. Built using the new rapid-release model, SQL Server 2016 incorporates many features introduced first in the cloud in Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Furthermore, SQL Server 2016 includes the capability to dynamically migrate historical data to the cloud. Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2016 leads you through the major changes in the data platform, whether you are using SQL Server technology on-premises or in the cloud, but it does not cover every new feature added to the platform. Instead, we explain key concepts and provide examples for the more significant features so that you can start experiencing their benefits firsthand. Who should read this book We wrote this book to help anyone with an interest in SQL Server 2016 understand its newest capabilities. It is particularly useful for readers who have some prior experience with the SQL Server platform, whether as a database administrator, an application developer, a business-intelligence professional, or a technical manager. Assumptions For the most part, this book expects that you have at least a minimal understanding of relational database concepts and understand how to write and execute Transact-SQL queries. In some parts of the book, we explain features that expand the functionality of SQL Server beyond traditional relational database concepts and assume that you have no experience in these areas. In parts of the book that discuss new features in SQL Server Analysis Services or SQL Server Reporting Services, we assume that you have some experience developing solutions or managing implementations that use these components. This book might not be for you if… This book might not be for you if you have never worked with SQL Server. In a book of this size, we cannot explain every feature in SQL Server or describe how it differs from other databases. It also

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