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60 C H A P T E R 4 | Improved database engine Figure 4-9: Analyzing candidates for Stretch Database in SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor. The best applications for Stretch Database are systems for which you are required to keep cold data for extended periods. By working with your application teams to understand which of your systems fit these scenarios, you can implement Stretch Database strategically to meet business requirements while reducing overall storage TCO and meeting business SLAs. Configuring Stretch Database Before you can configure Stretch Database in SQL Server, you must have an Azure account in place and change the REMOTE DATA ARCHIVE configuration option at the SQL Server instance level. To make this change, execute the command shown in Example 4-4. Example 4-4: Changing the REMOTE DATA ARCHIVE configuration option EXEC sp_configure 'remote data archive', '1'; GO RECONFIGURE; GO You can then configure stretch, using the wizard that you launch by right-clicking the database in Object Explorer, pointing to Stretch, and clicking Enable. The wizard prompts you to supply a password for a database master key and select the table to stretch and then validates whether the table is eligible for stretch. Next, you sign in with your Azure credentials, select a subscription, and then select an Azure region. For performance reasons, choose the Azure region closest to your on- premises location. Next, you have the option to create a new server or use an existing server. There is no impact on your existing SQL Databases if you choose to use an existing server. Your next step is to provide administrator credentials for the new SQL Database and to create a firewall rule allowing your on- premises databases to connect to SQL Database. When you click Finish on the last page of the wizard, the wizard provisions Stretch Database and begins migrating data to the new SQL Database. Note As an alternative to using the wizard, you can perform the steps necessary to configure a database and a table for stretch by using T-SQL commands. For more information, see "Enable Stretch Database for a database" at

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