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104 C H A P T E R 5 | Security C H A P T E R 5 Security For the past several years, cybersecurity has been consistently rated as a top priority for IT. This is not surprising, as top companies and government agencies are being publically called out for being hacked and failing to protect their customers' and employees' personal information. On the other hand, with readily available tools and lack of adequate protections, attackers are able to infiltrate large organization and remain undetected for a long period of time while conducting exfiltration of secrets or attacking internal resources. In this chapter, we will explore the layers of protection in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview that help address emerging threats and make it an active participant in your security defenses. First, we will describe the new shielded virtual machine solution that protects virtual machines (VMs) from attacks on the underlying fabric. Then, we will introduce you to the extensive threat-resistance components built in to the Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview operating system and the enhanced auditing events that can help security systems detect malicious activity. Last, we will share with you an end-to-end plan for securing privileged access based on existing and new capabilities in Windows Server. Shielded VMs By John Savill Today, in most virtual environments there are many types of administrators who have access to VM assets, such as storage. That includes virtualization administrators, storage administrators, network administrators, backup administrators, just to name just a few. Many organizations including hosting providers need a way to secure VMs—even from administrators—which is exactly what shielded VMs provides. Note that this protection from administrators is needed for a number of reasons. Here are just a few: Phishing attacks Stolen administrator credentials Insider attacks

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