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124 C H A P T E R 6 | App Plat Deploying Nano Server Nano Server is a new installation option for Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview; however, unlike Server Core, it does not appear as an option when you run setup. This is because Nano Server requires that you customize the image for your hardware and the role it will play before deploying, as is discussed further later in the chapter. You can find Nano Server on the Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview media, in the \Nano Server folder; all of the packages that you can install on Nano Server are in \Nano Server\Packages. More info For the latest information regarding Nano Server deployment, see the Nano Server guide at Drivers Because Nano Server does not have user-mode plug-and-play, it is necessary for you to add the drivers for your hardware to the Nano Server image before you deploy it. Nano Server uses the same drivers as Windows Server, so you can use any supported hardware that has a driver for Windows Server with Nano Server, including the following: Network adapters Storage controllers Drives Although there is no need for a special Nano Server version of the driver, if the hardware requires a special tool for configuration and the current tool does not work remotely, the hardware vendor will need to provide an updated tool or instructions for configuration on Nano Server. Note You add drivers to the Nano Server image by using Dism /add-driver. Roles and features Nano Server also separates the package store from the image. Therefore, none of the role or feature binaries are in the WinSXS folder when Nano Server is deployed; you must add them to the image prior to deploying Nano Server. This makes it possible for you to configure the deployed Nano Server image with only what is necessary for the role of the server. To configure Nano Server to be a cloud platform system compute or storage host, the following are available for inclusion in the image: Hyper-V Scale-out file server Clustering IIS DNS Containers Note You install roles and features by using Dism /add-package. Additional roles will be added over time. You can check to validate what are the latest roles added to Nano Server Support at

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