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10 C H A P T E R 1 | The software-defined datacenter Automating and securing your infrastructure Building a software-defined foundation isn't the only thing you'll need to do to transform your datacenter. Automation and management are also important for achieving operational excellence for your organization's IT processes and services. In Windows Server 2016, the following are some of the key improvements in this area: Shielded VM This feature ensures that the data and state of VMs are protected at all times using proven security technologies. You'll find more information about this feature in Chapter 5, "Security." Control Flow Guard This feature ensures that software written to take advantage of Control Flow is automatically protected against attacks such as buffer overflows. This feature is covered in more detail in Chapter 5. Device Guard (Code Integrity) This feature ensures that only software authorized by you can run on a machine, helping protect against unauthorized applications. This feature is covered in more detail in Chapter 5. Windows Defender This feature, turned on by default, helps protect machines from malware from the moment you install the Windows operating system. The feature is covered in more detail in Chapter 5. Enhanced Audit This features adds two new categories to provide deeper levels of auditing to find suspect behavior. This is covered in more detail in Chapter 5. Just Enough Administration/Just In Time This feature gives you the ability to provide only the privilege that is required, when it is required. This feature is covered in more detail in Chapter 5. PowerShell V5 This feature provides enhanced scripting capabilities for configuration, management and deployment in an SDDC. This feature is covered in more detail in Chapter 7, "Systems management." In addition, Microsoft System Center is a key tool that helps an organization to realize the full benefits of the Microsoft Cloud Platform. System Center delivers unified management across on-premises, service provider, and Azure environments. Through this unified management, you can do the following: Deliver higher levels of infrastructure and application resiliency Reduce complexity by simplifying how you provision, manage, and operate your infrastructure Drive efficiencies in your IT operations and processes through integrated automation And, by automating your IT operations and implementing standardized best practices, you can do the following with System Center: Simplify cloud management with consistent processes Improve operations through infrastructure, workload, and application monitoring Streamline provisioning by cloud and workload deployment and configuration There can be challenges, however, in achieving the goal of automating and securing your infrastructure. The biggest challenge is that business and IT live in very different worlds.

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