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20 C H A P T E R 2 | Compute Figure 2-9: Extending Volume in Server manager With your VMs all running on your Hyper-V cluster, it is time to back up the machines. In Windows Server 2012 R2, you cannot back up the Shared VHDX attached to a VM from the host. Because it is shared, it is blocked from being backed up. However, in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview, you can select it as a VHD to back up. VMs that include a Shared VHDX can now also participate in Hyper-V Replica. In previous versions of Windows Server, VMs with a Shared VHDX were blocked from participating. With the improvements in Shared VHDX, you not only have the option to replicate the VMs, you also have the option to select any or all of the Shared VHDX drives, as presented in Figure 2-10. Figure 2-10: Choosing Replica VHDs Improved cluster logs Getting as much critical data as possible in a timely fashion can help to quickly resolve Failover Clustering problems. Getting the right data at the right time can be critical for restoring services. With all the SLAs available, the right diagnostics is crucial to many businesses. From a diagnostic standpoint, the first improvement in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview is with the cluster diagnostics log. The cluster log has always been useful for identifying an error, what led to an error, what was happening at the time of the error, and so on. But using the cluster log to determine things such as the configuration of the cluster is a more involved process.

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