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23 C H A P T E R 2 | Compute Figure 2-11: Memory dump settings Note On the topic of memory dumps in general, Failover Clustering has been integrated with Live Dump to capture dumps when timeouts are reached. You then can analyze these dumps for root cause. This also integrates with Windows Error Reporting to allow for retention and inclusion of other logs. Depending on how a resource times out and how Failover Clustering is configured, Live Dump can cause the machine to issue a stop error (i.e., blue screen) and cause the machine to stop responding in order to create a memory dump. Although the memory dump is useful in determining the cause of a problem, it does incur downtime while the machine reboots to create the dump. However, with the integration of Live Dump, a memory dump is created in the background while the machine itself continues to run, which does not affect production. The focus of this feature is to collect enough logs/dumps for Microsoft support to more successfully troubleshoot various issues that customers might experience when using clusters. The goal is to gather enough information so that support can help solve the problem when customers call, instead of asking customers to reproduce the problem and then waiting for a time when it can be done. Network name diagnostics Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview features improvements related to diagnosing network name problems. At times, some of the events are confusing or not even present. For example, previously, problems updating DNS resulted in a generic error indicating that DNS could not be updated. But the error notification did not indicate why DNS could not be updated. Several things could prevent DNS from being updated: DNS does not accept dynamic updates. You are using a secure DNS server and the cluster does not have the proper rights. There are timeouts getting to the DNS server.

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