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43 C H A P T E R 2 | Compute Production checkpoints Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview introduces a new concept of taking checkpoints for production VMs; that is, production checkpoints. A checkpoint is a point-in-time capture of the state of a VM, which gives you the ability to revert the VM to an earlier state. Before Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview, the use of checkpoints focused on test and development scenarios but was not recommended for use in production environments. Production checkpoints deliver the same kind of experience as in Windows Server 2012 R2, but they are now fully supported for production environments for two main reasons: The Volume Snapshot Service (VSS) is now used instead of saved state to create checkpoints. Restoring a checkpoint is just like restoring a system backup. Note VSS is used for creating production checkpoints only on Windows VMs; Linux VMs do this by flushing their file system buffers to create a file system–consistent checkpoint. If you want to create checkpoints by using saved-state technology, you can still use standard checkpoints for your VM. However, the default for new VMs will be to create production checkpoints with a fallback to standard checkpoints. In certain scenarios, an administrator might need to disable checkpoints for specific VMs for operational reasons. This is now feasible in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview, which gives you the ability to turn on or turn off production checkpoints on individual VMs. This option provides flexibility and gives Hyper-V administrators the means to manage and optimize their resources effectively. Figure 2-42 demonstrates how you can use VM settings to turn on or turn off checkpoints for the VM and allow production checkpoints. By default, the Enable Checkpoints option is selected and is configured to allow production checkpoints and to create standard checkpoints if it is not possible to create a production checkpoint. Figure 2-42: Configuring production checkpoints on a VM

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