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86 C H A P T E R 4 | Networking Point-to-site VPN gateway connectivity so that your tenants' administrators can access their resources on your datacenter from anywhere Layer 3 forwarding capability Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing, which allows you to manage the routing of network traffic between your tenants' VM networks and their remote sites More info In this book, we cannot provide an exhaustive review of all features and details in relation to Network Controller. We would encourage you to review the public TechNet article at for additional information. Additionally, Network Controller is a complex element to deploy and get working. The following articles will provide you with the most up to date documentation for deploying and configuring Network Controller in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview: "Installation and preparation requirements for deploying Network Controller": "Deploy Network Controller using Windows PowerShell": RAS Gateway Multitenant BGP router When you deploy network virtualization and employ the encapsulation and isolation methods described earlier in this chapter, you face an interesting problem: How do the VMs in these isolated networks communicate outside the isolated network? How do external machines communicate with these isolated VMs if they needed to? Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview introduces additional capability to the RAS Gateway role to include BGP support. We previously supported the following features for RAS Gateway: Site-to-site VPN Point-to-site VPN GRE tunneling NAT Given that all these features are now available in RAS Gateway, you can reap the following benefits: VMs can talk to other networks outside the routing domain to which they are assigned. You can create endpoints into the virtual network if required. You can connect virtual and physical networks together. With the introduction of BGP, new possibilities open up for our network environments. For example, Express route works on BGP, not to mention the Internet! BGP dynamically learns which networks are attached and announces these networks to other BGP- capable routers. The other BGP-capable routers can populate their routing tables with the entries, and if the BGP router receives a request to send traffic to a tenant's network, it will know how to route the traffic appropriately. An important part of BGP is the ability to provide route redundancy and automatically recalculate the best route to the desired network. In that case, if you have several

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