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87 C H A P T E R 4 | Networking routers connected together and there were multiple paths to a desired network, BGP would work out the optimal route to it. Then, in the event of a failure, it would recalculate the route and announce it back to its BGP peers. One of the challenges in relation to virtualized networks and the RAS Gateway in Windows Server 2012 is the relationship of gateways. If you want to deploy a high-availability (HA) pool of gateways in Windows Server 2012, there is no way to separate the gateway pool for separate functions or tenants. There are also strict placement requirements of the Gateway Nodes, which cause a lot of network problems in enterprise clusters. Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview implements a true pool model in which you can create pools for specific functions or mix the functions. Figure 4-4 shows how you can deploy pools for different functions. Figure 4-4: RAS Gateway pools More Info RAS Gateway Multitenant BGP Routing is a complex area for discussion and is constantly changing. To view the latest information, go to Software Load Balancing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview introduces Software Load Balancing, which provides high availability and scalability to tenant workloads. Software Load Balancing includes the following features: Layer 4 (L4) load balancing services for "North-South" and "East-West" TCP/UDP traffic. Public and internal network traffic load balancing. Supports dynamic IP addresses onVLANs and on virtual networks that you create by using Hyper-V Network Virtualization. Health probe support.

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