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HPE oplossingen voor back-up en flash storage

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Unplanned downtime is costly If all-flash storage is a real option for enterprise data centers, this raises a question: Will existing data protection schemes withstand the demands of an all-flash primary storage environment? Global business and always-on availability requirements mean that you can't tolerate down time. Add to that the cascading impact of failure in a virtual world, where a single hardware failure can take down multiple virtual servers and applications. The risk to your business, along with the operational costs of managing that risk, can be staggering. Most enterprise environments have primary storage arrays and backup appliances based on disparate storage architectures with no integration, requiring backup solutions that are expensive to buy, complex to manage, and degrade the performance of the production servers you're trying to protect. That's a problem resulting in complexities and inefficiencies that you just can't afford in a high-performance environment. The future of data protection— flash-integrated flat backup Converged backup solutions maximize performance and efficiency Page 3 Business white paper

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