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RES New Packaging may 2016

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12 For RES and RES partner use only Not for distribution to other parties What will be on about the new packaging? We will update the RES ONE Workspace product page to include Automation, we will add a new product page for RES ONE Security, and we will publish a dedicated page for Workspace Core. What materials will be created for our partners? Partners will receive a letter detailing the announcements on May 17 th . This will be followed up with a recorded webinar and revised FAQ based on this document. As marketing materials are created, they will be shared on the RES Success Center and communicated via the partner newsletter. How will we communicate to RES ONE Workspace Core customers? If someone registers for RES ONE Workspace Core they will be captured as a lead and managed through a journey with RES as with any other lead. Once such a prospect reaches tele-qualification, if they indicate no interest in expanding to a paid license they will be "recycled" to a nurture track where they will receive ongoing, long-term communication. If the customer is attached to one of our partners, we will together work with them to upgrade to a paid license. All information will be visible and tracked in Salesforce. Who can I contact with additional questions? Questions and feedback can be shared with your RES Channel Manager.

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