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SOLUTION BRIEF Ransomware has rapidly emerged as a significant threat to businesses and organizations of all sizes. In this day and age where data is invaluable, cybercriminals are taking advantage of people who don't know a lot about malware behavior. You need a plan to minimize the risk of this high profile threat, so that you can avoid the business disruption, loss of productivity, damage to brand reputation and legal implications that come along with recovering from a ransomware attack. DEFEATING RANSOMWARE WITH TREND MICRO There is no silver bullet when it comes to ransomware; it requires a multi- layered, step-by-step approach for the best risk mitigation. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malware that locks, encrypts, or otherwise prevents data and systems from being accessed by their owners, and requires victims to pay a ransom to the criminal responsible for the attack in order to regain access. It is primarily distributed via exploit kits, social engineering schemes and spam mails that are sent to a large number of email addresses. When a recipient opens a malicious attachment or clicks a compromised link, the malware is downloaded on to the user's system. The fear of losing priceless data can push users to pay the ransom—and while they may opt to pay, having their files unlocked or decrypted is never a guarantee. Page 1 of 4 • SOLUTION BRIEF • PROTECT YOUR ORGANIZATION FROM RANSOMWARE Email and web protection Endpoint protection Network protection Server protection Trend Micro PROTECT YOUR ORGANIZATION FROM THE UNFORESEEN IMPLICATIONS OF RANSOMWARE

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