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Page 3 of 4 • SOLUTION BRIEF • PROTECT YOUR ORGANIZATION FROM RANSOMWARE ENDPOINT PROTECTION Trend Micro detected 99 percent of ransomware threats in email messages or web links. That still leaves 1 percent that could make it through to your endpoint. Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites deliver several capabilities that minimize the risk of ransomware to your endpoints, including: • Behavior Monitoring: for suspicious behavior associated with ransomware, such as the rapid encryption of multiple files, so that the encryption process can be automatically stopped and the endpoint isolated, before the ransomware can spread and cause more damage to your data. • Application Control: dynamically and automatically creates application white lists, which will only allow known good applications to execute, and prevent the execution of unknown applications such as ransomware. • Vulnerability Shielding: protects you from ransomware that takes advantage of unpatched software vulnerabilities, a target for exploit kits in attacks. This includes shielding end-of-support systems like Windows XP. NETWORK PROTECTION Email and web are common ways ransomware enters your organization, but other network protocols and attack methods can expose you to ransomware. That's why you need a network defense strategy that stops ransomware from accessing and spreading within your network. Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Inspector is a network appliance that detects malicious traffic, command and control communications, attacker behavior, zero-day exploits and other activity that is associated with attempts to infiltrate ransomware into and across your network. Deep Discovery can prevent ransomware from spreading to other endpoints and servers. It protects against ransomware with: • Extensive detection techniques across all network traffic, ports and over 100 network protocols to identify ransomware and attacker behavior across the entire kill chain • Proven sandbox analysis that mirrors your computing environment to detect file modifications, encryption, and malicious behavior that is consistent with ransomware attacks • Integration with Trend Micro email and web gateways, and endpoint, server protection, and third party solutions to provide a connected threat defense where new threat information is shared across multiple layers Protect your organization from Ransomware • Leverage automated back-up and restore processes • Apply software patches as soon as they become available • Educate employees on on prevention of email phishing • Limit access to business critical information • Bolster your security posture with layered ransomware protection

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