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Centralize Control and Increase Mobility with Citrix XenApp on Microsoft Azure Capacity on Demand •  Efficiently scale up and down applications and environments during any season of business •  Host XenApp on Azure to reduce capital expense and scale as needed •  Dramatically simplify IT management across on- premises and cloud by providing a hybrid cloud solution Cost Efficient Cloud Option •  Reduce capital expenses and optimize investment •  Expand business in the cloud at the pace of growth without the cost of additional infrastructure •  Manage costs by paying for only what you use, when you use it, with zero waste. •  Calculate your costs and subscription of deploying Citrix on Azure with Citrix cost calculator Pre-production Validation •  Verify apps are cloud-ready by testing workloads through XenApp in the Azure Marketplace •  Leverage flexibility of Azure to move to the cloud at your own pace •  Quickly set up new OS workloads to introduce users to new systems and increase adoption Citrix XenApp on Microsoft Azure Use Cases for Enterprise Customers: •  Flexing to the cloud to increase capacity on-demand during peak usage periods throughout the year •  Reducing or eliminating on-premises infrastructure to avoid the large capital expense associated with new build outs •  Hybrid scenarios that allow customers to link premises-based environments to Azure based XenApp deployments •  Business continuity with XenApp during any business disruptions caused by unforeseen events •  Leverage existing Azure account to rapidly deploy XenApp workloads •  Temporary deployment of XenApp environment for testing of new or updated applications prior to production rollout Desired Outcomes •  Enable customers to leverage and deploy on current and familiar infrastructure for quick and simple deployments •  Allow organizations to connect to their environments from anywhere, with the same look and feel their IT employees are used to today •  Gain control of cloud and application security with the visibility required to keep your foundation safe Why Citrix and Microsoft? Jointly, Microsoft and Citrix have worked together for over 25 years to ensure their products are best-in-class. The impact of the partnership is undeniable with Microsoft and Citrix having 230,000 joint customers and tens of millions of users that rely on a joint solution every day. Learn more at: Get started at: © 2016 Citrix Systems |

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