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1 Take a Smarter Approach to Stopping Advanced Attacks Get Ahead of Advanced Attacks The majority of advanced attacks, and the threats they deliver, are coming faster and with more complexity. They enter stealthily, using highly customized tools and intrusion techniques (ransomware, watering hole, and zero-day attacks) to deliver malware. In 2015, Symantec™ discovered more than 430 million new pieces of malware—or roughly one million new pieces of malware each day. This is why your endpoint protection is a crucial component of your security program. Relying solely on antivirus or any single protection technology is shortsighted; it's just too easy for determined attackers to breach. At some point, attackers will make their way in. To get ahead of advanced attacks, you must go beyond threat prevention to include threat detection and response. Start With a Solid Foundation Your Symantec™ Endpoint Protection, proven to be the most effective way to block the majority of threats, is a solid threat-prevention foundation. And blocking advanced threats before they infect your endpoints is vital to your security. Make sure you're taking full advantage of your Symantec Endpoint Protection by activating all of its protection layers, like reputation analysis, real-time behavior monitoring, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), firewall, and application control. By properly configuring your Endpoint Protection product, you can neutralize zero-day and unknown threats with 99.99 percent accuracy. Although your Endpoint Protection might be doing a great job, blocking threats is simply not enough. Attackers are getting smarter and moving faster. If a stealthy threat slips by, don't become a crime statistic. Upgrade to the Symantec Intelligent Endpoint solution so your modern endpoint security can: 1 Detect anomalies across all control points The potential cost of a data breach can reach nearly $4 million dollars according to a 2016 study. Therefore, when a threat slips past your endpoint security, you must quickly detect and remediate it. Most of the time, threats that hit your endpoints are the stealthiest type of malware and are often part of a long-term attack campaign. That's why it's important to know the origins of the attack with as many details as possible. Symantec Advanced Threat Protection is the most effective solution of its kind for uncovering threats across key attack vectors— endpoint, network, and email. When threats are detected, an event alert helps you identify high-risk users and actively infected systems; who is downloading malware or suspicious files; the origins of the attack; which assets have been impacted; and the spread across all control points. Symantec uses a robust cloud-based sandboxing and payload detonation service to arrest suspicious files in real time, covering the most popular file types used in targeted attacks and executing them in physical and virtual sandboxes. This is a crucial step for advanced threats that may exhibit different behaviors in different environments. Using a single console, you cut through thousands of instances of noise, easily prioritize critical events, and focus on threats that matter most to you. We provide a full body of evidence on the attack with our unique Synapse™ correlation technology. You can also investigate and search for attack artifacts―by file hash, registry key, or the source IP address and URL―across your entire infrastructure. 4 Reasons to Upgrade to Symantec Intelligent Endpoint Solution

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