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2 2 Remediate threats from complex attacks with just one click When threats are detected in your IT environment, you can quickly remediate them―even those from a complex attack. Symantec Advanced Threat Protection rapidly restores normal operations after targeted attacks by containing and remediating all traces of threats in minutes. Our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology helps you see all data in one place, including files used in a particular attack, originating email addresses, and IP addresses where employees downloaded the file. Quickly remediate any of these artifacts with just one click, decreasing exposure to potential risks and controlling damage from spreading attacks. And because Advanced Threat Protection is integrated with your Endpoint Protection product, you can achieve all of this without deploying new endpoint agents. 3 Preempt future attacks with smarter risk assessment Symantec helps prepare you for attacks before they happen. Symantec Risk Insight provides a comprehensive view of your internal risk posture and your extended enterprise, including your customers, benchmarked against peers in your industry. With an executive dashboard, you can quantify the effectiveness of your security program, track improvements over time, and justify future investments. The drill-down capabilities and advanced analytics help you pinpoint specific weaknesses, such as high-risk users and endpoints, suspicious applications, and unpatched vulnerabilities, and develop plans to close your vulnerabilities. Integrated with Symantec Endpoint Protection, Risk Insight provides actionable insights to help you make smarter security investments without requiring additional agents, software, or hardware provisioning. It streamlines complex manual assessments with an automated cloud-based service, making risk assessment a simpler process. With Symantec Risk Insight, you can be more proactive in protecting against advanced attacks. 4 Stop data breaches from lost or stolen endpoints The Symantec Intelligent Endpoint solution stops cyber threats and "physical" threats of endpoints. If your devices are physically lost or stolen, Endpoint Encryption is essential. It's the best way to protect the data on laptops, desktops, and removable media because even if an endpoint goes missing, the data remains safe. Symantec Endpoint Encryption uses a preboot passphrase to protect a machine and prevent it from booting up until the correct phrase is entered. Without the passphrase, the information on the device remains scrambled, preventing outsiders from accessing data. With an intuitive central management platform, Symantec helps administrators deploy and manage encryption on every end-user device or prove a device was encrypted should it go missing. Maximize Your Endpoint Protection Solution Neither traditional antivirus security, nor any single protection technology, can keep pace with advanced attackers, which puts organizations of all sizes and industries at risk. To stay ahead of advanced attacks, blocking them is not enough. The most effective strategy is to maximize your Symantec investment with our Intelligent Endpoint solution. Symantec Intelligent Endpoint is a dynamic, multilayered approach designed to block the majority of threats before your endpoints are infected; detect the stealthiest threats across all control points and remediate them within minutes; provide an automated risk assessment to help you understand your risk exposure; and deflect critical attacks. Working together, these technologies provide multiple layers of protection to secure your organization and keep your sensitive information safe. It's time to stop putting out fires and start putting up better defenses. With Intelligent Endpoint from Symantec, you can focus on what matters most to you. 4 Reasons to Upgrade to Symantec Intelligent Endpoint Solution

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