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W e l l - i n t e n t i o n e d I T i n i t i a t i v e s c a n l e a d t o … Long projects Complexity High costs VM Business is asking IT to change Around the world, IT professionals are coming to the realization that legacy architectures can't accommodate today's business demands—such as new cloud delivery models, dramatic data growth, and the need to roll out new services in a matter of days. In this new era, the statusquo is no longer an option. In response to these business requirements, many IT organizations have launched server virtualization and cloud computing projects to achieve improved service delivery and increased IT agility. However, for some organizations, ambitious virtualization, cloud, and infrastructure initiatives have led to lengthy projects, increased management complexity, and higher operational costs. The old ways don't work anymore, but the new ways aren't necessarily easy. What's really needed is a new type of solution where everything just works together. This is where hyper-convergence comes into play. It provides many of the benefits of a virtualized data center in a compact, cost-effective system that is easy to deploy, manage, and support. "As businesses embark on a transformation to become data-driven entities, they will demand a data infrastructure that supports extreme scalability and flexible acquisition patterns and offers unprecedented economies of scale. Hyperconverged systems hold the promise and the potential to assist buyers along this data-driven journey." – Eric Sheppard, research director Storage Software, IDC 1 Brochure Page 2 1 IDC, Abstract to "IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Hyperconverged Systems 2014 Vendor Assessment," December 2014. What is hyper-convergence? The next step in the evolution of IT architectures brings together all the goodness of converged infrastructure, virtualization, and software-defined storage technologies. Everything you need—including servers, storage, virtualization software, networking, and management—is fully integrated and packaged together into a single, yet highly available, appliance.

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