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How hyper-convergence helps Deployment is fast With hyper-convergence, everything is preconfigured, pre-installed, ready to run in minutes at the press of a button, and designed to scale—with no need for a separate SAN. With turnkey hyper-converged systems, anyone from IT generalists to experienced admins can quickly deploy complete IT environments, going from power-on to provisioning in as little as within minutes. And they can do it all without the assistance of outside system integrators. Scalability is linear Facing unpredictable growth? With hyper-converged systems, you're covered. The systems scale out in a linear manner. Just add another system and seamlessly add new nodes to a common cluster. The hyperconverged architecture integrates grid software that automatically discovers and adds new nodes to the cluster, delivering additional compute and storage resources with the addition of each new module. Management is straightforward Thanks to the integration of all components in a simple chassis with common management, there is no need for a team of specialists with expertise in virtualization, storage, servers, and networking. Compared to systems that require a lot of discrete components, including an associated SAN with its own switches, the simplified nature of hyper-converged systems can help you reduce capital and operational expenses. Everything is now in one easily-managed, easily-serviceable, small-footprint box that helps you pack more computing and storage capacity into your valuable data center space. Even better, a single vendor can support the entire system—including both hardware and software. 2 Brochure Page 3 2 With the HPE Hyper Converged 250 and HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft Cloud Platform System Standard, HPE provides system assurance and worldwide support for both HPE hardware and VMware or Microsoft software.

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